For ambulance, Call 9-1-1 or 1-800-872-1111


Monroe Community Ambulance is the ambulance provider for the Monroe County Emergency Medical Authority. Started in 2006, MCA is a partnership of ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital (formerly Mercy Memorial Hospital), LifeStar Ambulance (Mercy Health Partners), ProMedica Transportation Network, and Emergent Health Partners, MCA’s parent company.

MCA receives no government subsidy which make successful operations difficult because of the large geographic area and relatively low call volume. MCA's partner organizations provide additional resources during high call volume periods from the following locations:

South - ProMedica Transportation Network and LifeStar Ambulance covering Lucas County, Ohio

North – Huron Valley Ambulance (member of Emergent Health Partners) covering Washtenaw and Wayne counties, Michigan

West – Lenawee Community Ambulance (member of Emergent Health Partners) covering Lenawee County, Michigan

Emergent Health Partners is the parent company of Monroe Community Ambulance and MCA’s affiliate ambulance services:

Emergent Health Partners provides the following for MCA:

  • administrative and operational management
  • financial oversight
  • human resources/staffing
  • communications services
  • fleet and facilities management
  • educational program resources