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Mission, Values, Goals

Mission Statement

The Mission of Monroe Community Ambulance is to provide accessible, high quality pre-hospital health care services to the people and organizations we serve in southeast Michigan.

Our Vision

Excellence, innovation and collaboration in pre-hospital healthcare.

Our Values

Excellence in knowledge and service.

People and diversity.

Dignity and privacy.

Ethical behavior and integrity.



Staff development and teamwork.

Inclusiveness and collaboration.

Our Goals

Service Area

To provide emergency paramedic ambulance service in selected communities in southeast Michigan (our Primary Service Area)

To provide elective ambulance transportation and other mobile health care services in our Primary Service Area, and in adjacent communities when economically feasible (our Secondary Service Area)

Directly, or in collaboration with others, to provide ambulance and other mobile health care services in areas outside of our Primary and Secondary Service Areas, only to the extent necessary to provide for a secure economic base, or to provide for improved services to our Primary Service area.

Quality Assurance and Responsibility

Through direct provision, or through collaboration with others, MCA shall assume a leadership role in assuring that high quality ambulance and mobile health care services are available and responsive to our community needs.

To emphasize quality assurance activities which will maintain and improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Employee Growth

To promote an atmosphere which allows employees to grow, both personally and professionally.

To provide an atmosphere in which our staff has input towards organizational policies and direction.

To maintain a leadership position, within the private ambulance industry, in areas of total compensation and quality of work life for our employees.

To foster a rewarding and enjoyable environment for our volunteer staff.

To make every reasonable effort to utilize women and minority group employees in all fields and at all levels of employment or participation, in proportion to the availability of minority group members and women in the population of our Primary Service Area.

Health Education and Promotion

To provide programs aimed at preventing and treating injuries and illness, in order to improve the health status of the community.

To maintain an effective communication program which promotes our Mission, Goals, Purpose and nonprofit status.

Cost Effectiveness

To apply cost effective measures, which will insure the efficient and productive use of available resources, while maintaining a market competitive price structure.


To pursue diversified options in order to develop alternatives to improve the current delivery mode and to provide a stable financial base. Such diversification may include opportunities in the medical transportation, public safety and health care fields.