For ambulance, Call 9-1-1 or 1-800-872-1111

Mobile Technology

Mobile Data Terminals and other technology in our ambulances

To streamline radio transmissions between ambulances and the Call Center, MCA uses wireless mobile computers in all its vehicles. These computers include a Global Positioning System (GPS) to improve deployment and routing. Our Call Center continuously tracks the exact location of ambulances in order to dispatch the closest unit.

Electronic Patient Care Records (ePCR)

MCA’s electronic patient care records (ePCR) are stored on a secure internet server. Medics access them through their mobile or station computers. Each ambulance has an encrypted wireless (WiFi) "hot spot" that the medics use to connect at the scene and at the hospital. Information gathered from our Lifepak monitor-defibrillators is also transferred to the ePCR, including 12-lead ECG, blood pressure and other vital signs. When a patient chart is completed, the software faxes it to the receiving hospital.

Records document the patient's clinical situation, history, and treatment. The chart, along with Call Center information is also downloaded into our billing software. Non-identifiable patient information is also submitted automatically to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as required by state law.

MCA insures that all recorded information is kept private. Not only is the information encrypted, but the software records any attempt to view patient records.