For ambulance, Call 9-1-1 or 1-800-872-1111

Special Teams

MCA operates a number of specialized teams which support the activities of law enforcement and fire departments, as well as the internal mission of our ambulance service. In each case, team members must meet rigorous standards to be considered for team membership. They attend specialized training and continuing education so that they are able to respond quickly and competently.

Tactical EMS (TEMS)

Our Tactical EMS team provides medical support for police tactical teams, which deal with emergencies such as a barricaded gunman, high risk warrant arrests, execution of search warrants and other emergencies. Our TEMS paramedics train regularly with the Michigan State Police and other law enforcement teams in the region.

Infectious Disease Team

This team was formed during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Africa. Using a specially prepared ambulance, the team provides specialized transport between facilities for patients with potentially infectious disease.


Honor Guard

Several MCA medics belong to our sister company Huron Valley Ambulance’sHonor Guard that represents our organization and our employees at company events, funerals and ceremonial events in the community. Our team was formed after the line-of-duty death of JCA medic Cheryl Kiefer in 2008


Special Teams FAQs

Do MCA Tactical paramedics carry weapons?

MCA tactical medics are not armed but they are trained to use law enforcement weapons if an officer is disabled. They are also trained to break-down a loaded weapon, if necessary. Our tactical medics are assigned to work close to the incident but not in the "hot zone".

Who pays for these special teams?

MCA views these teams as part of our community responsibility and normally receives no reimbursement for their deployment.